AstroPrint, the cloud 3D printing software platform and 3D Slash, the fun and easy-to-use 3D modelling app, announced their partnership today. The combination of these two user-friendly services will provide all users with an engaging and efficient 3D experience.

Free your mind from complex 3D parameters: AstroPrint and 3D Slash collaborate to offer a simple and intuitive 3D experience, accessible both from PC and mobile devices. Users can now easily create, remix, slice, monitor and 3D print anything, anytime, from anywhere.

A great 3D experience for all users AstroPrint and 3D Slash both offer smart plug & play tools to anyone wishing to work in 3D trouble-free. With this partnership, users can directly access the 3D Slash modelling app from the AstroPrint dashboard.

Key-benefits include:

  • 1-click operation: users can either remix existing design files (.stl) from their AstroPrint File Manager, or create new ones from scratch. Once the new design is finished, the file can be stored online or sent for printing with a single click.
  • No log-in barrier: the 3D Slash app can be used with an AstroPrint ID, no need to sign in twice. For existing 3Dslashers, every design made within the AstroPrint platform will be saved in their 3D Slash portfolio as well.
  • Accessibility: the platform can be accessed from any wireless device (phone, tablet, computer). This means users can effortlessly go from modelling to 3D printing, regardless of whether they prefer a mouse or a touchscreen.
  • A user-friendly environment : thanks to the 3D Slash intuitive Minecraft-like modelling app and AstroPrint's intelligent auto-settings, there is no need for users to understand highly technical programs to create designs, then 3D print their creations.

With the AstroPrint and 3D Slash combination, any user with Internet access and a compliant 3D printer (80% of desktop 3D printers) can bring a 3D project to life!