Easy, fast, reliable and today also for complex projects. Weerg service – an exclusive platform that offers online CNC and 3D machining totally Made in Italy - it is constantly evolving, thanks to a fleet of cutting-edge machines that is constantly enhanced and implemented with systems for special finishes and machining. New entry in the new Gardigiano headquarters, fully operational since the beginning of March, new mounting systems signed FCS, synonymous of precision, reliability and flexibility

“After an in-depth analysis of the production processes in sectors such as moulds and aeronautics, we decided to implement FCS mounting systems on our Hermle machining centres, which allow us to produce very complex parts in an extremely short time", explains Matteo Rigamonti - founder of Weerg. "Right from the start, the collaboration with FCS is proving to be very interesting for both companies. On one side we can strengthen our range of action by maintaining high standards of process automation; on the other side FCS is experimenting with its intervention in a futuristic company like Weerg, following us step by step in a process of fine tuning of the systems implemented”.

New FCS mounting systems 3

Besides the mounting systems, Weerg has integrated BCK's dedicated "Guideline 4.0" software to design the fixings and speed up their preparation. A solution that responds to Weerg's desire to represent a 4.0 industry model where everything is perfectly orchestrated by procedures that aim at maximum automation, also thanks to the recent introduction of anthropomorphic robots. And it is exactly the robots that are responsible for managing the mounting systems, which are positioned on the various machining centres on the basis of orders received online, already in the appropriate configuration for the individual piece. One of the main peculiarities of FCS solutions is its modularity, particularly appreciated in Weerg where prototypes are often made: “The high versatility of FCS solutions allows us to set the correct configuration for each process, combining automation and customization, in order to achieve maximum production efficiency," adds Rigamonti.

“For FCS System - as explained by Alessandro De Pieri, FCS Sales Manager - taking part in the implementation of complex production cells such as those started by Weerg is proof of the importance of adopting a new working method based on the virtualisation of the fastening setup. This is in order to ensure full automation of the machining process with the aim of achieving repeatability, safety and quality. Thanks to the collaboration with Weerg - says De Pieri - FCS can demonstrate the value of its technologies, the result of years of R&D conducted in the mold industry and in the fields of mechanics and prototyping of very high precision for which new solutions are already being studied dedicated.”

New FCS mounting systems 1

Complex processing is the most recent innovation by Weerg that continues to amaze the market with new announcements: from the dedicated headquarters for Smart Manufacturing to the anodizing service for aluminium inaugurated at the beginning of the year with immediate feedback from users of the platform. "We offer the convenience of a unique service in the world of mechanics, where the watchword is optimization.” A belief that is expressed in the ease of use of the e-shop, in the organization of production - which today has deployed for CNC machining two batteries of 5 Hermle C42U 5-axis continuous each fully automated through the use of anthropomorphic robots and 3D Printing the largest installation of HP Jet Fusion 4210 printers in Southern Europe - and in the choice of partners with philosophies similar to Weerg. FCS is certainly one of them, whose mission is to support the technological evolution of companies through innovative systems for optimising production processes, introducing the principles of the 4.0 industry.