3dFactory is dynamic, energetic proof that the 3D printing industry is a global phenomenon.

Located in Brazil, they specialise in fun and challenging designs from games, movies, TV shows, and everywhere else across pop culture. Co-founders Bob Sampaio, Rubens Pereira, and Tiago Soncini work to groupsource creativity, connecting creators and modellers to expand the 3D marketplace.

Recently, Bob Sampaio was inspired to print Bad Robot, the logo for J.J. Abram’s Bad Robot Productions. If you’re a TV or movie fan, you’ll probably recognise the Bad Robot logo from several popular movies and TV shows including The Force Awakens, Star Trek, Alias, and Lost.

Bob’s intricate print of the Bad Robot logo is lively, technologically sophisticated, and delightfully captures the spirit of the production company! That’s why it may not have been much of a surprise when, in October, 3dFactory won a Pinshape print contest, sponsored by Simplify3D.

As the top winner, 3dFactory received the grand prize of a Simplify3D software license. However, the software isn’t new to long-time user Bob Sampaio, who described Simplify3D as “absurdly fast” and admired the precision in a blog post he wrote last year. He explains, “Simplify3D is a very powerful slicer with a clean and intuitive user interface. It works very quickly with a precise slicer algorithm and has the best supports, easy to remove and effective, with the possibility to add and remove supports in a customised way.”

Bob emphasises that he used several Simplify3D settings to create the 20 different parts used in this award winning model. He manually customised his supports for a quicker, more effective print. Showing his software expertise, Bob also took advantage of a unique ability in Simplify3D allowing him to use different slice settings in the same print for optimal part quality. Finally, using Simplify3D’s animated preview, he was able to find defects in the model or his settings before wasting plastic and hours of printing.

Bob’s goal is to make models that are easy to print and memorable to own. These amazing designs are the result of years of practice, knowledge, and the right equipment. As Bob and his creative team at 3dFactory know, it takes a lot of good work to make a Bad Robot.