WIZEgem have announced their partnership agreement and application integration with i.materialise, a leading 3D printing service provider. This integration enables WIZEgem users to export the STL file directly to i.materialise for 3D printing jewelry production.

i.materialise supports production in wide variety of high quality 3D printing materials including silver, gold and titanium.
Once your design is ready, click the print button and select "i.materialise". It will guide you through the process to select the required material and submit the order, all in few clicks of a mouse.

Can Jewelry Design be so easy?

Thanks to the revolution of the 3D Printing, unique one-of-a-kind manufacturing, including in precious metal, became more accessible. But what about the design stage? Well, this is where Wizegem comes in.

WIZEgem is a web-based, jewelry design tool which is operating at the forefront of the 3D printing revolution. WIZEgem is so easy to use that it completely removes the barrier that prevents most people from designing their own 3D jewelry models. Our application enables you to go from wearer to designer with no prior experience or training.

Design it, share it with your friends, send it to production.