Our experiences with our babies are special and unique: the feeling of expectation, first kicks, heartbeat, a miniature living being on the screen of ultrasonic equipment.

Parents can see and get to know their child already in an early stage – weeks before the actual birth. During a long time already, modern technologies enable us to see the first ultrasound images of the baby not only in 2D but also in holistic 3D.

We can add the next dimension! Using the novel opportunities offered by 3D printing, we are one of the first ones in the world creating a precise copy of the baby in the form of a figurine. This figurine looks exactly the same as the little citizen of the world who is still hidden in mother's womb.

For clinics

Helping and instructing the future parents during the time of pregnancy creates an extraordinary and trustful relationship between them and the medical institutions. In this relationship are shared the most special and intimate experiences.

We offer the clinics providing 3D-ultrasound service the opportunity to render to their customers a service that is even more personalised.

In case of our long-term cooperation, we can develop various solutions for delivering, packaging and storing of the figurines.

We are looking for partners worldwide.

For future moms

Creating a 3D figurine of a foetus requires extremely precise and delicate work.

The perfect opportunity for creating the figurine would be using a 3D ultrasound image taken between the 28th and 32nd weeks of pregnancy. Such an image can be obtained from a clinic offering the service.

The 3D ultrasound file should then be delivered to us, so that we could prepare the figurine using the best 3D modelling techniques available.

For creating a 3D foetus you need to do the following:

  • You send us the 3D-ultrasound file (e.g. in case of GE equipment this would be a .vol file saved in cartesian format);
  • We convert the file into the 3D format and add to the figurine (if so requested) the name and contact information of your clinic;
  • We ship the 3D foetus to your clinic or directly to your customer.