The ZED Stereo Camera is a lightweight depth sensor based on passive stereovision.

It outputs a high resolution side-by-side video on USB 3.0 that contains two synchronized left and right video streams. Using the ZED SDK, the graphics processing unit (GPU) from a host machine computes the depth map from the side-by-side video in real-time.

Camera Specs

Video Mode Frames Per Second Output Resolution (side by side)
2.2K 15 4416 x 1242
1080p 30 3840 x 1080
720p 60 2560 x 720
VGA 120 1280 x 480


Depth Resolution Depth Format

Same as the selected video resolution

(With ZED SDK)

OpenCV Compatible
Depth Range Camera Baseline
1.5 - 20 m (3.5 to 68 ft) (120mm (4.7")


Full details and other info can be found by visiting the StereoLabs website.