Greater than 470 x 435 x 690mm build Area

The Beast's enormous build area allows users to print objects that have never before been possible on a printer with such a low price point. cultivate3d's hope is for "The Beast" to make many previously unattainable projects and prints possible and to make it accessible to as many makers, inventors, DIY enthusiasts and artists as we can.

High Speed and Simultaneous Printing

The Beast's ability to simultaneously print 4 identical objects or groups of objects will enable small scale manufacturing capabilities at a fraction of the cost of 4 individual 3D printers.

Multiple Extruder 3D Printer. Synchronous 3D Printing

The Beast effectively cuts print times by 4 when printing simultaneously. 4x Synchronous printing combined with high speed rail system and Bowden extruders means "The Beast" is capable of producing prints upwards of 10x faster than other FDM (filament type) 3D printers. The speed of printing can be increased even more by changing to a larger nozzle.

4x Printing also enables the user to print 4 of the same object/s at the same time with different colours or materials.

High Resolution Prints

Taking advantage of high quality lead screws and belts we are able to achieve resolutions of 0.00125mm in the Z direction (up and down) and 0.00625mm in the X and Y directions (left, right, back and forward). These resolutions are far smaller than are usable on any FDM 3D printer, which essential ensures the highest possible resolution.

Print in massive scale!

For those who have owned 3D printers of any kind before, we're all aware of process of splitting large prints into smaller pieces to get them to fit on the print bed. The Beast boasts and enormous 470 x 435 x 690mm build area - that's big enough to print a single child, 2 full size Basketballs or 4 Radio Control Transmitters... at the same time!

Hard Copy Documentation

As we're all aware, one of the most painful aspects of buying a cutting edge product can be the lack of support. At Cultivate3d we're here for you all the way. From the moment you un-box your printer, you'll appreciate the quality and time we've spent documenting the entire build and printing process. We made our manual everything a great manual should be. A full colour printed manual, clearly labelled components, clear crisp images with parts references lists on every page and detailed instructions written in simple language. We back that up with phone, live chat and email support as well as a range of online videos to help you through the process 24hrs a day.

Good Value For Money

You'll probably notice "The Beast" isn't covered with a fancy case design. We don't want "The Beast" to be a design statement, we want "The Beast" to be the best at what it does without costing a fortune, we spent our time and money on making your investment a fast, precise production printer.