Weerg, an unprecedented platform that offers CNC and 3D online machining totally Made in Italy, continues its path of automation of processes in Industry 4.0 key by implementing within its production lines a new coordinate measuring machine Wenzel LH series.

This latest generation solution, which allows precision measurements at very high speed, will be integrated with the innovative robotic arm systems on track that Weerg is installing for CNC machining carried out with the Hermle C42U 5-axis continuous machining centers.

"The introduction of a measuring machine represents another significant step forward towards the goal we set ourselves: ever more precise and faster parts at ever more competitive costs", underlines Matteo Rigamonti, CEO and founder of Weerg. "Thanks to this technology we will be able to further guarantee the accuracy of the CNC components by automating the production control and verification process in all the machining phases".

Wenzel LH Series 2

The Wenzel LH 8-15-7 system purchased from Weerg, the top of the range German brand, is characterized by top-level mechanical engineering, intelligent design and one of the most powerful software available on the market. "We have evaluated many suppliers and at Wenzel we have found a technology and a spirit of collaboration that meets our expectations," comments Rigamonti. "We are confident that this new partnership will lead to a significant upgrade of the service we offer our customers”. A choice that once again reflects Weerg's careful strategy in identifying technology partners, including not only the assessment of the most suitable solutions to meet production needs, but also the affinity in terms of approach to business. For 50 years, Wenzel has been synonymous with high precision and innovation in the field of measurement, thanks to sophisticated technical know-how fueled by continuous investment in R&D, with the added value of a company that has been able to maintain intact over the years the entrepreneurial spirit of family-company.

"We are pleased to be able to count among our partners a dynamic reality like Weerg, which in such a short time has been able to revolutionize the world of mechanics" - comments Gianpiero Bertuccelli, general manager of Wenzel-Italy. – “With Weerg we share values such as the continuous search for innovation and constant attention to quality; we are therefore certain that this first collaboration represents only the starting point for future developments". Matteo Rigamonti also confirms this: "For the moment it is a pilot installation which, if it meets our expectations, will only be the first of many others".

The machine is currently already in operation at the Weerg headquarters in Marghera for a first phase of testing and then being transferred to the new headquarters in Gardigiano where the last installations of the Hermle systems already ordered for some time will soon be carried out, thus completing the production lines for the CNC. Everything is automated through the implementation of anthropomorphic robots that will work in synergy with the measurement system.

Wenzel LH Series 2

For both CNC machining and additive manufacturing, for which a separate department is destined, focusing on the industrial performance of the HP Multi Jet Fusion 4210 systems, production starts from the e-commerce site where the client can upload the file in a few seconds, obtain a real-time estimate and proceed with the order. A simplicity of use based on the total automation of the production process, orchestrated by exclusive evaluation and management software developed by the R&D department of Weerg.