Established in Yongzheng period of Qing Dynasty, Beijing No. 2 Middle School is a national model middle school with a history of 292 years.

Adhering to the school motto of “Comprehensive Superior Quality and Pursuit of Excellence” and in accordance with the new curriculum reform requirement of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, the school boldly develops the school-based courses conforming to the modern education and integrates curriculum resources for the development of new curriculum in order to cultivate students’ innovation ability. The school has successively constructed more than 20 classrooms and labs for CAD design and manufacture, artificial intelligence robot and network technology, etc.

As early as 2012, Beijing No. 2 Middle School has started the curriculum planning and development of “Future Engineer”. With three years of investigation and preparation, the school set up the school-based course “Future Engineer” in high school grades. As a part of the school-based course, “CAD Design and Manufacture (including 3D printing)” is the particular part of the general technology course for students of grade 2 in high school. In addition to the “CAD Design and Manufacture”, the school also set up the “3D Creative Design” as an elective course and the association involving 3D printing content for all the high school students of the school in order to further enhance the knowledge and ability of the high school students in this field. Due to the limited equipment, only more than 20 students in each particular class can be selected in each semester.

2 Middle School to provide a constructive choice for the high school students who have the ambition to be a “Future Engineer” and lay a solid foundation for their future major selection and career development. Therefore, Beijing No. 2 Middle School bought ten sets of UP BOX 3D printers as a part of the “Future Engineer” course curriculum construction.

“CAD Design and Manufacture” is a whole year course, one class (40 minutes) per week and 20 credit hours per semester. To ensure the operating time and security of every student, Beijing No. 2 Middle School adopted the small-sized class. Each class was divided into two groups which were respectively taught by two teachers, and the number of students for each class was about 15. One semester later, the students achieved a lot and each student printed their design works.

Beijing No. 2 Middle School has professional teaching staff for the general technology courses. When talking about the benefits the course “CAD Design and Manufacture” may bring to the students, Teacher Zhang Jinliang, a young expert in CAD design and manufacture and one of the designers of the “Future Engineer” course, said: “the high school students have lots of creative ideas. According to the traditional way, many design thoughts cannot be reflected and presented; as one of the ways to realise the design thoughts, 3D printing can completely present the design thoughts of the students with rapid prototyping instead of keeping them just a thought or drawing.” “No matter the works are beautiful or not, the pleasure they brought to the students cannot be replaced by anyone as long as the works are designed and printed by themselves. After all, it is the most important to realise their thoughts,” which is the understanding of Teacher Zhang on the significance of this course.

After using the UP BOX 3D printers in classroom teaching and daily work in the past half a year, Teacher Zhang affirmed the accuracy, stability, easy operation and other advantages of Tiertime 3D printers. Meanwhile, he pointed: “when the teachers and students print the assembly models, the printed parts can be directly assembled without any post processing as long as their sizes and tolerances are well set, which provides great convenience for the innovative designs for the teachers and students.” Compared with most of other desktop 3D printers, UP 3D printer have outstanding advantages in this aspect.

Beijing No. 2 Middle School often participates in some science & technology and maker activities organised by the state, Beijing City and Dongcheng District for middle school students every year. After supplied with UP BOX 3D printers, the forward wings, spoilers and wheels of racing cars of the teams from Beijing No. 2 Middle School taking part in the “F1 in School” are produced by the 3D printers. The robots and robot arms in other competitions can also be realised with 3D printing technology. “When designing the robots, the possibility to realise innovative design is increased,” Teacher Zhang gives his opinion on the application of this field.

More and more middle school students are joining the ambitious plan to cultivate the “Future Engineer”. Therefore, the transformation from “Made in China” to “Created in China” is just around the corner!