On June 28, Exclusive Masterclass 3D Food Printing will take place during the 3D Food Printing Conference at Villa Flora, Venlo, The Netherlands.

During this Exclusive Masterclass Top Chef Jan Smink and team byFlow will show the workflow of 3D Food Printing. While preparing a 3D Printed menu on Michelin Star level, they will show how to make 3D Designs and will talk about how to make a sustainable business out of 3D Food Printing.

Jan Smink is nr. 11 at Bocuse d’Or 2017 and cooks at ***Michelin restaurant De Librije.

byFlow is a Dutch company specialised in 3D Printing since 2009 and the expert in the field of 3D Food Printing.

The 3D Food Printing conference is organised by Jakajima, the matchmaker for innovators. This year’s edition will tackle topics such as 3D printing chocolate, meat & insects, tech updates & more.

Further information about the Masterclass: