Stratasys Ltd. announced that four of its iconic 3D printed artwork collaborations with world renowned designers are being featured in a new exhibition at the Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Madrid, Spain.

The exhibition, entitled ‘3D Printing the World’, explores the impact of 3D printing technology on society and the emergence of a new digital era. Highlights of the exhibited artworks will include ‘Kafka’ by Neri Oxman, ‘Bretomer’ and ‘Wolfkiam’ by Nick Ervinck, ‘Ocean’ and ‘Truck vs Truck’ by Eyal Gever, and ‘Polyomino’ by Jose Sanchez.

Visitors to 3D Printing the World are encouraged to discover the growing role 3D printing is set to have on society. According to the curators, 3D printing epitomises the 21st century’s pursuit for customisation and individuality, transforming consumers into producers or prosumers. The exhibition demonstrates the pivotal role 3D printing has to play in the new digital era.

Within the gallery, milestones of 3D printing will be celebrated through four thematic sections: ‘From bits to atom’, ‘Through the rear-view mirror’, ‘The three-dimensional footprint’ and ‘A step beyond’. The exhibition will highlight the current transformation from mass production of consumer goods to the emergence of a new manufacturing trend; mass-customisation. Stratasys’ collaborative artworks feature in the “From bits to atom” section, and will offer a prime example of how 3D printing is disrupting traditional art, design and manufacturing processes.

Kafka, the creation of widely-acclaimed Professor, Architect and Designer, Neri Oxman, demonstrates the powerful combination of 3D printing and new design algorithms inspired from nature. Drawing inspiration from author Franz Kafka’s famous novel, ‘The Metamorphosis’, Oxman sets out to represent a physical, wearable metamorphosis: a material counterpart to Kafka’s chimerical writing. The bestiary artwork is composed of several animal parts and combines a soft internal texture with stiff armour-like material. Kafka forms part of Oxman’s ‘Imaginary Beings: Mythologies of the Not Yet’ collection, where ancient myth and their futuristic counterpart unite where design fabrication recapitulates fantasy.

Wolfkiam, the 3D printed sculpture from renowned designer, Nick Ervinck, epitomises the dialogue between old and new by combining traditional designs – inspired by Incan and Mayan cultures – with the advanced technological forms inherent to digitally-produced artworks. The 3D printed artwork is part of a series of high-profile collaborations from Stratasys’ ‘The New Ancient’ collection. Wolfkiam was produced using the world’s only full colour, multi-material 3D printer, Stratasys J750, which enables over 360,000 colour combinations and the ability to mix materials of varying rigidity and opaqueness in a single print. Another of Ervinck’s creations, Bretomer will also be on display. This futuristic translation of a sculpture further exemplifies the design freedom enabled by expressing the essence of smoke or wind in a colourful, organic, biomorphic shape.

Polyomino, also part of Stratasys’ The New Ancient collection, is the fruition of a longstanding professional collaboration with Architect, Programmer and Game Designer, Jose Sanchez. Drawing inspiration from the combinatorial and constructive nature of video games, such as Tetris, the structure consists of a series of 3D printed pieces that can be assembled in different ways using magnets to create a larger ‘molecule’. With the precision of the Stratasys J750 Full-colour, Multi-material 3D Printer, Sanchez manufactured each complex geometry of the structure with extreme detail to ensure perfect fit and interconnection.

Eyal Gever’s ‘Sublime Moments’ compilation translates live experiences into a new form of 3D printed art, using the large-scale Stratasys Objet1000 Multi-material 3D Printer. Ocean captures a natural water phenomenon, frozen as a moment in time and designed to overwhelm the viewer with the same intensity, as if seeing the wonder in real-time. In the large-size Truck vs Truck artwork, Gever explores opposites within moments, capturing the impossibility of determining the devastating impact of a crash and the static scene after it.

“3D Printing the World is an opportunity to celebrate the transformation of design into a new era of digitalisation,” explains Naomi Kaempfer, Creative Director, Art Fashion Design, Stratasys. “Through our 3D printed artwork, we encourage designers of today and tomorrow to express their ideas without limitation and to design with complete freedom of smart shape, material physicality, scale, vivid colours and transparency – all in the highest resolution.

“Stratasys 3D printing offers designers, artists and manufacturers the ability to realise complex concepts and smart geometries all in one print, which were previously unattainable with traditional design methods. This capability provides the ideal catalyst for the technology’s expanding adoption across multiple industries today. Collaborating with leading designers, we will continue to explore new ways to showcase these capabilities,” she concludes.

To see Stratasys’ collaborative 3D printed artworks, visit 3D Printing the World exhibition at the Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Madrid, Spain, from 14 June – 22 October 2017.