SME’s 2016 Aerospace & Defence Manufacturing Yearbook is now available online, the nonprofit organisation said today.

The aerospace and defence industry makes as much as $900 billion annually and is regarded as the healthiest industrial segment of the world economy. This year’s edition of the annual Aerospace & Defence Manufacturing Yearbook provides authoritative insights from manufacturing leaders outlining major market trends, processes and technologies driving success in the sector.

“As our contributors point out, the industry has seen some economic challenges over the last year, but at the same time we’re seeing — and sharing — continued innovation and breakthroughs of many stripes,” said Brett Brune, editor of the 2017 Aerospace & Defence Manufacturing Yearbook. “Our contributors cover technologies and techniques in depth and make this a useful and relevant volume of industry review, business outlook and manufacturing technology coverage.”

Offering a global perspective, comments and reports created by experts with Pratt & Whitney, Boeing, Airbus, Teal Group, Cisco, Haimer and others cover emerging technologies, productivity and process challenges and breakthroughs in additive manufacturing and machining, automation and the Industrial Internet of Things, materials, coatings and more.

Readers can access the yearbook at SME’s Advanced Manufacturing website.

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